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[ ] 11-Feb-09, 11:50 PM
Application description:
Welcome to Rev, the premier iPhone and iPod touch application for auto enthusiasts.
Rev is a simple and intuitive application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that monitors, displays, charts, and records real-time vehicle data. By communicating directly with a vehicle's onboard diagnostic system, Rev can read vehicle sensor data, record and export data, check and reset Check Engine lights and trouble codes, and much more.
Rev supports the reading and visualization of several OBD-II sensors, or "metrics". The availability of metrics varies between vehicles, and include:
Vehicle Speed
Fuel Consumption*
Boost Pressure**
Engine Coolant Temp
Fuel Pressure
Calculated Engine Load
Throttle Position
Intake Manifold Pressure
Air Intake Temp
Timing Advance
Mass Air Flow
Fuel Level
Barometric Pressure
EVAP System Vapor Pressure
Fuel Trim
*Fuel Consumption may be inaccurate on some diesel vehicles.
**Boost Pressure may be inaccurate on piggyback turbo systems.
Check Engine light on? Want to get rid of the nagging light on your dash? Rev also supports engine trouble code checking, translation, and resetting. Rev also now supports multiple-metric data logging, export, and visualization. Record your track run, save it for later, e-mail it to yourself as Excel-compatible CSV data. Rev also provides detailed descriptions of each metric so you know exactly what information your car is providing.
On top of that, Rev also supports some other great features:
• Acceleration: Displays, records, and charts your cornering, braking and acceleration G-forces.
• GPS Track: Using the iPhone's GPS, learn about your acceleration and braking on the road and on the circuit. Green and red colors represent moments of forward and braking acceleration. Perfect your cornering habits and master the track.
• Feedback: Join the mailing list to learn about Rev and OBD-II hardware availability and submit feedback about all things Rev.
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Download from mirror 2
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