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Snore Monitor SleepLab
[ ] 11-Feb-09, 9:55 PM

Application description:
  SnoreMonitor SleepLab Records snoring sounds.
The result is displayed as a graph.
To hear the sound - either tap the graph or switch to a traditional sound recording page to listen to the whole nights recording. The purpose is to analyze the snoring pattern.

Save the graphs and compare the results.
For example check if a snoring device improves the situation. Or if a combination, like MegaVent Nasal Dilators plus ReduZnore anti snoring mouth piece, is a better solution.

One reason for developing this app is the possibility to fine tune ReduZnore, our adjustable anti-snoring mouth piece.
Bringing the lower jaw forward stops snoring in appr 70 % of the cases - but 1-2 millimeters too little can be the difference from success. SnoreMonitor SleepLab is a unique and affordable aid to make these adjustments perfect.

Especially valuable for people living alone with no one to check their snoring. This app gives them a good chance to analyze their problem and get a solution - in time for the coming vacation... Who enjoys a heavy snorer on the sailing boat? Or sharing the same hotel room etc.

The graphs can also be saved and mailed to a doctor for a first checkup. Sleep apnéa and OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnéa) is a condition that requires a medical examination. SnoreMonitor SleepLab can give you a "warning signal" if you hear long periods of no breathing followed by a significant sudden snoring sound. If so - you should contact a doctor since this can affect heart and blood pressure. And the tiredness can make car driving dangerous.

- Records on demand/ start and stop
- Can also schedule recording
- Plots a graph - 60 minutes per page
- Zoom function for closer examination of graph
- Snapshot, saves the graph as an image in the photography library
- Fast plotting (Only 12-15 sec to plot a 60 minutes page)
- Audio function - Tap the graph anywhere to hear a 20 sec sound sample
- Audio - Listen to the whole night. Play, fast forward etc
- Calibration
- Recording background info can be typed for comparison
- Suggestions that helps solving the problem.
- Very good recordings, you will even hear breathing sounds clearly, which is useful when judging if one suffer from Sleep Apnea

SnoreMonitor is not intended to diagnose or cure any medical condition. It is only a "recording device".

This app is also great for any Dentist working with snoring devices or any GP or ENT doctors to check their patients a couple of nights. And get inexpensive feedback on their suggestions.

SnoreMonitor SleepLab stores 5 full nights as audio and graphs.

SnoreMonitor SleepLab works also with iPod Touch - but the iPhone headset must be purchased to make the recordings.
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